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Unique Event Photography together with respected Style, Art & Event blog Street Fashion Sydney, are now able to offer unique, combined Social Media and Photography services to help you get your message out.

You have already heard that Blogs are the BEST option for getting your message out, but did you know they also offer the best options for getting you message out and KEEPING it out there. The only catch is you will need a blog that has traction, a following, and does well in search. This is where Unique Event Photography together with Street Fashion Sydney - established in 2008 - can come to your rescue.
Social Media Sharing services for Business, Marketing and promotion in Sydney.
Street Fashion Sydney has been offering up unique visual and written content since 2008 on all things creative in Sydney, be it a Flagship store opening, an Art show, Product launch, Fashion parade, Accessories, Music event, even the Australian Ballet..  The blog goes up, the blog stays up (as long as you decide) and receives regular visits and SHARES, often continuing long after the original launch; with an individual Facebook share able to live a life of its own going viral all by itself.

Not all blogs receive shares just as not all blog posts receive the same amount of shares. Shares cannot be faked; and we recommend anyone looking for a blogger to work with to see how they display their share options, in our experience blogs that do well display their numbers.

Search results, Social Media Sharing services for Business, Marketing and promotion in Sydney.

Posting on Weekly Round-Up from $150.00
Dedicated Blog posts from $500.00
Event Photography from $225.00 Per Hour

For Booking and all Inquires please contact,
Kent Johnson, Sydney, Australia.
0433 796 863
ABN 88 382 451 494

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